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May 2011 SOTM Vote - Sponsored by Steve Meade

May 2011 SOTM Vote  

226 members have voted

  1. 1. May 2011 SOTM Vote

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Place your May SOTM vote here. Remember post pics, vids and of coarse a link to the build. Dont forget to check out the


Were gonna take a month break from a sponsor so this is PURELY for bragging rights!!!

wait wiat wait hold up...now thats weaksause...heres a lil ninja edit

BULLLSHITT! No sponsor, no problem.

1st place $150 Credit towards anything you want from one of my above partners - (as long as online sales are allowed for that item)

2nd place $100 Credit (as stated above)

3rd place $50 Credit (as stated above)

4th place $25 worth of stickers, of your choice from Techforce (the official graphic company of SMD)

So $325 worth of stuff this month, ON ME. (Steve Meade)

Good luck to all and lets get those nominations up!!

Now let’s see those nominations!

1. MrSkippyJ

2. JeremyN

3. bdubii

4. MarioB

5. deeje


7. ChevyBoy95

8. michigancapri92

9. k3n12ock

10. bumonskateboard6

11. General

12. LoudNLow931

13. lem43606

14. Dcsoundlabs26

15. Freshman6969

16. dunkoholic

17. TylerO

18. killallblue

19. Cablguy184

20. pknubsalday

21. 97SSBlazer

22. G_skillz81

23. keepinitloud

24. 650rcode

25. Infinite913

26. Chodette69

27. StreetSlappah

28. Neo_frog

29. BeAlLsTaR13


feel free to set up your garage and post plenty of your best pictures....a couple build pics and more important the final outcome. Give Chode that link instead (if you choose) as i think it will be easier to see what you have then to fish through page after page of people chatting in between pictures.

Dont even nominate yourself if you have less then 10 pictures. Its not that many!

As usual, throughout the month, i will highlight nominees to bring more attention to you, but you have to help me by making your page (garage or build log) presentable.

Thanks again and good luck!!

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Had to nominate chode's gf for blowing the woofer haha

haha well shes got it repaired and playing...that shit slams again now :D

dont forget

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Hmm, not really sure who I want to vote for this month. I think I will look thru the build logs first, try to get a better idea of everyone's builds. Good luck guys! (And girls!)

Edited by Purplehaze

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c'mon guys, vote for my girlfriends build :) windshield flex of 1 sa12? ftw

not often you see a single 12 on 1kw do this:


Edited by BeAlLsTaR13

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my vote can be bought. lets see some cool vids. We see the flex we see the hairtricks all the time. any one get anything creative going on or what?

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let the good times roll.

how about a few votes for hitting a 50 out of my trunk with 2 10"s


Yo n8ball how about a hair trick with 2 10s out the trunk for a win

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Mario has my vote..

Killer trunk build.

Not only a 50...but a 26-27 drive by score

Just awesome

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