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Please Welcome ShawnFleming Our new AA/FI Rep


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As you all know Nick from AA/FI has moved on to other things and his departure left a void in the customer service section. That void is no more. Shawn Fleming has stepped into that role and is now a full time on site employee at the FI facility. He will be handling most of the customer service issues and help get all orders squared away. If you feel the need to contact Shawn please utilize the [email protected] email account and he asked that you put attn: Shawn in your subject for a quick response.

Please remember that AA/FI are not affiliated with SMD forums. While they are a supporting manufacturer all official business should be handled directly with FI in an official capacity.

In other words use the email for business inquiries and not blow up the guys pm box.

Welcome aboard Shawn. I'm sure you are going to be plenty busy now.


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A Real Voltmeter not a piece of shit stinger.

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thats it i am dropping AA now. I would rather run swap meet Audio-bawn then deal with that guy. :jon:


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LOL ...

Welcome to SMD

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thats it i am dropping AA now. I would rather run swap meet Audio-bawn then deal with that guy. :jon:


Flea Market AQ/SQ?

Kidding, welcome aboard!

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Welcome! :twirl:

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