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Lexus IS-F Sound System install - Custom SMD VM-1/OM-1/TM-1f Dash Piece (update page 71)

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Plexi in back for sure......just hang tight and watch me get this done. It is gonna be a long work in progress though!


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holy ish 3 sets of t5's thats gonna be crazy

JEEP BUILD PROJECT ANTIBLING.2000 jeep Cherokee.HEADUNITAlpine Cda-9886SUBSTAGE1 acendent 18" audio mayhem motor with a TI basket and tantric parts1 prototype DAT hellfire 1000.1HIGHSStockELECTRICALdb link 0 gaugeKnuconceptz Kolossus 4 gauge1 xs power d3400 under hoodBig 3 upgradeold fourwheeler build

The only way to delete your SMD account is for you crawl to steve meades door step on your knees and pleade for his forgiveness and acceptance to be released...He will either grant your wishes.....or choke you with a large piece of 0 gauge and electrocute you by hooking up a solid gold DC 12k at 0.000001 ohm and 10000 volts to your eye sockets and blow your head apart

You guys act like you have never clogged a toilet and ran around the bathroom frantically hoping it don't overflow.

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any chance to get dimensions of the box ? :rofl2:

sometimes Loud is NOT pretty

Sounds like its safe to go ahead and bend that ass over.

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great looking box, definetly like all the flush cuts and roundovers

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Very good job in this box (muito bom trabalho nesta caixa)



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nice box steave. clean cuts and like how you rounded over all the edges including the port. dont ever see people do that around here.

My build log http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/143943-2001-mustang-gt-system-rebuild-box-build-pics-updated-61512/

2001 Ford Mustang GT

4.6 SOHC 380HP

270 amp Mechman alt

2 12" Treo SSX custom built.

6.47 cu ft, tuned to 32Hz

2 hifonics Brutus 2400.1, strapped

1 optima yellow top

1 Kinetic HC1800

14.4v @ 29Hz, 2k RPM

over 100ft 1/0 XS flex wire

Big 3 in 1/0

100sq ft fatmat deadener

145.3 on music, 142.6 sealed on music

Stop being a pussy and wall it off.

I hate when my google breaks too

I think the usps must be ran by a bunch of drunk ass oriental midget monkey's on methamphetamines.

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