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2002 Honda Accord Sound System Install for Psyph Morrison - We got BASS! Finished and Delivered (first reaction) Page 4

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My good friend Aaron, aka Psyph Morrison, has never had a real system in any of his cars before.  If you don't know who Psyph is (pronounced Sife), look him up on itunes, spotify or any other music app out there.  Youtube as well.  I have known him over 10 years and even worked with him on his last 3 albums as an executive producer.  Ok, now that is out of the way, the reason he is getting a system is because well, the entire time i have known him and worked with him making music, especially music with a lot of bass, he has never had a system of his own. I don't know anyone who has had more car issues than him so we really never made it to the discussion of a system. Not too long ago he picked up a 2002 Honda Accord 4 door.  I knew right then he has a reliable vehicle finally.  So i offered to slap some beat in it for him.  Watching him pull up, slapping his own music in a (not so great) stock sound system was really bothering me.  How can my boy ride around like that if he know's ME? 


Long story cut short...his car is at my shop for a few weeks while i figure out what i am going to do. I have NO "plans".  I just want to get him some good equipment, set it up proper and make him happy!


****NOTE, anything you see here is subject to change as i am totally freestyling this.  Trying to just make it work.


First i stopped by Arden Audio in Sacramento Ca.  They always have what i need in stock over there and if they don't i can get it same or next day.  I decided to pick Psyph up a new head unit first and foremost.  I also got the dash kit and wiring harness to go with it.  Grabbed some SkyHigh 16ga OFC speaker wire to run to the doors. 


The system will consist of (so far)

Pioneer DEH X7800 BHS Head Unit

Rockford Fosgate Punch 1000.1 (BASS)

Rockford Fosgate Punch 300.2 (Highs)

(2) Rockford Fosgate P3 12" subs (ported enclosure)

(1) Set Rockford Fosgate T2 6.5" separates 

SMD Fuse / Grounding Blocks

Mechman 1/0 OFC Power Wire

Skyhigh 12 and 16ga Speaker Wire










I already had a P300.2 but i got him a matching 1000.1 to go with it.















These P3 12" subs are not brand new but might as well be. They are in brand new condition! They are my old ones.  This box was already finished and just hanging around the shop.  I KNOW it sounds good so it should do great in his trunk!  The trunk floor is at an angle so i have to make a platform and flatten it out some so the box sits level. 



























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I only used about 4 of the wires on this harness which i soldered and heat shrunk. I then heat shrunk it all into a larger piece to keep them tidy.  














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Hell ya, Keep those pics coming. Damn nice of you to hook a friend up with some tunes.

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1 minute ago, SoCaLBaMF said:

LOL 1f602.png

oh ya...when i wasn't looking i caught him sleeping in the back haha!! then after i kicked him out i turned around he was up front.  He likes Psyphs car, i think he can smell his dogs :roflmao:

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11 minutes ago, s5300 said:

Might want to wrap the steering wheel if it starts getting crumbly. Just don't be like me and use hockey tape lmfao. 

It doesn't need to be wrapped.  It's in perfect condition. 

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Dude nice! Looking forward to seeing what the final product will look like. 

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