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February 2010 SOTM Nominees - Stock Electrical Edition

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Place your February 2010 SOTM nominee here. Remember post pics, vids and of coarse a link to the build. Dont forget to check out the


Theme: Stock Charging Systems SUCK - it takes power to make power!

Guidelines: All SOTM entrants for the month of February MUST have a stock alternator and single battery* to compete - *a Big 3 or capacitor upgrade is OK(or bat the size of for example a kinetik 600 in the back)

Sponsor: DC Power

Specifics: SOTM sponsor DC Power will supply the winner with a High Output Alternator to fit your vehicle (OK, you can't be drivin' a Lambo or something like that . . . ) AT NO CHARGE!

Post you BEST 5 pics in this thread that way we dont have to go digging through pages upon pages of talking and we get straight to the point :D

1. Twiztid

2. Hotdog

3. Menace89

4. kickergirl

5. huesos

6. Gibbs

7. xtremeacoustiks

8. shkibbybop

9. barros57

10. BeAllsTaR13

11. cracker

12. Team Bassick (ALPINE)

13. frozenevolution

14. joni13

15. DHFHades

16. basslh

17. wildbeast15

18. k3n12ock

19. The Performer

20. spl4life


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damn i just got a batt lol. very interesting and cool for sure mang. time to check out some builds hahaa

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If we end up with only a few people enter me in that #1 spot for w/e we do. Ordering my other 2 subs in 1.5 hours ;) and since they only take 2 days to get here we shall be banging this weekend :D :D :D

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I'll take that # 1 spot. I nominate myself

All stock! Battery, alt, hell even my wheels are stock now.





will take pic of big 3 tonight and post tomorrow

Edited by Twiztid

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Ok.. Put me at the number 2 Spot :)

My Build Log page;#entry949273




The Old School Goodness Rockford Fosgate RFR2215 Punch Power DVC


This vid was of the last time I was on the meter.. and I was only using the T1001bd. Now I am using both the T1001bd and a Sundown SAE1200-D.

Edited by Hotdog

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