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  1. Educate us then oh smart one. moar powar moar loud!! the SPL guys can burp at .25 no problems why can the daily vehicles/sarcasm haha
  2. i have my 4500s at .46ea daily... buttttt i know they can blow up at any time.. and i have the electrical to back it
  3. if you pull your back out lifting it basically by the size of it.. its bigger then a 10" basket and about the same size as a 12" basket
  4. In that vid.. It was tunned to about 38hz ahaha Buttt would murder high 20s no issues
  5. I have a blown 18" stroker pro here.. Cant find a recone
  6. lol i demoed it for a bit last night for some buddys.. every notch of sub volume kept getting louder.. but i want mroe play time on it before i really giver..
  7. I hate flowmaster.. EVERYONE has them And they always sound the same Also If you dont want it to resonate Do a side pipe or go out the back, dumping ot under cab/box will make it reaonate
  8. Depends on how busy we are, im also in canada.. Everything is more expensive ere ( atleast compared to Michigan..)
  9. I had 12 10" SSDs shipped... Out of the 12 2 were damaged One had a broken basket (just looked bent with gasket on) took gasket off, backer was bent and cracked in 3 spots.. Slamology was the next day so i JB Welded t back togeather and just screwed it in.. Lasted a good 6weeks untill whole basket broke The other took about a day to notice. Went to slamology playe subs all was good.. So i thought I was watching all the subs and noticed one stopped moving.. Usps ended up dropping the sub and shifting the top plate on it
  10. I drive 45min everyday Not that bad and my truck costs 25$ every day to drive to work and back
  11. RP is the way to go.. when i used to race lawnmower ( yes.. 50mph "lawnmowers" ) i ran RP had 1 engine i BEAT on ( little 9hp honda) did an oil change.. only to find maybe 1/4 liter of oil left ( should have had 1 3/4) and i ran it at 6500rpm 15 min non stop!
  12. trucks done.... if you thought it was violent before..................
  13. If its done ny bro may take it out there Wont have any testing time on it woth new wall tho
  14. your belt could be slipping and you wont hear it as well BTW
  15. Even after walling it it will still do it.. Trust me I know Your back window will start doing it next
  16. Ahh nice! Robs a good guy but IMO Pap screwed him over on the business The wmd2s will take 3k daily I had 7k on 2 12s They toop the power fine for about a month till i broke the tripple joit while burping
  17. theres a few people who had PAP OEM the and renamed them, like the MCD 2k line up and theres a shop in Ohio who did the same thing ( but swares they arnt the same haha) ive got 5 of them sitting here... decent subs for what they are tho!
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