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  1. Chill Master Will. It was an honor to meet up with you and talk shop !!! I was in the cable industry and with you being in telephone, we had ALOT to talk about. And yea, talking shop about car audio was fun to ... Best of luck this year. I had problems with my truck that forced my our of competing for a while. But I WILL be back one day !!! Hope I can see you again soon my friend.
  2. If I won the lottery Wednesday ... I still wouldn't spend that kind of money on those drivers.
  3. May be getting another Silverado. Possibly a 94 model extended cab without the 3rd door. Going to look at it tomorrow.

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    2. White Lightning

      White Lightning

      I'm waiting patiently to get my hands on that dash !!!

      My 5.25" drivers will be my main focal point to this new setup.

  4. He got advice on sound deadening from someone who runs a kicker set up, lol WOW. That was cold.
  5. We have Snap-On, Cornwell, and Mac that swings buy our shop every week. I'm slowly picking up tools for the Wrecker from all of them ... Certain stuff I like from different trucks.
  6. Nice Snap-On gear there Steve. I've got to pic up the 1/2" impact driver for my heavy Wrecker sometime here I'm the near future. Expensive ... But worth every penny when you use them everyday.
  7. Nice. We winch out shit like this all the time. Wish I could post up some of the shit we do.
  8. Tried this actually thought id be funny......it wasnt funny Is there an exciting story behind this? Nope, got pulled into scale for a level 1 inspection, he asked for bills and what I was hauling figured it was the right opportunity to say sail boat fuel and till this day I'm not sure if he thought I was an idiot or he just didn't get the joke.. Just picture saying something and being stared at with a blank face expression by a dot officer. Decided to put that joke away into my don't try that again folder. Lol. Got pulled over for a level 2 yesterday in Louisiana.
  9. cleaning out the garage and storage room/shop this weekend ... trying ro get things set up so i can start on the ole Ford next weekend.

    1. White Lightning

      White Lightning

      The 93 Ford Flare Side that is ...

  10. kinda aggrivated ... looking around for install ideas and can't find a feasable location for the passive crossovers ...

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    2. White Lightning

      White Lightning

      Miguel's ... I've always used passive setups. No need to time align separately since the midranges and tweeters measure out the same distance.

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