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  1. I use to read alot of trash talk on Sound Solutions Audio forms awhile back, but haven't been on there in a while.
  2. No where enough Information to answer this question. Lets start off with an actual vehicle to have an idea of a resonant frequency.
  3. The 8002sw and the 4.1hvs amplifiers were the only 2 amplifiers that were meant to play only subbass. Everything else in the inventory could play full range with np problems. These amplifiers had a "feedback" circuit setup for sub bass application. Meaning in one way you had to invert the left channel to make things work properly by using a xo2 or xo3 crossover. This feedback circuit is what I had in my truck's bass amplifier giving me the edge for so many years with very dynamic bass "tight" response. ... Which is why I asked the op if he used the feedback or not ??? Making big consistent power is only half of what that amplifier is capable of ....
  4. These were primarily used as sub driver amplifiers ... Again, not intended for anything else. Now with that being said ... Just about EVERY other Linear Power amplifier on the market would work great with the application you suggested ...
  5. Just by glancing ... I'm thinking that this is a stock 8002sw. I'm thinking the factory modifications done by TIPS can make these amplifiers do more. Also, I didn't see where you had the feedback circuit hooked up ... May have made a difference. This amplifier and 4.1hvs are the only 2 amplifiers that were meant for subwoofer only application. So no, I would not consider these full range operation amplifiers. They may work, but they are mono amplifiers and just wasn't used as full range amplifiers.
  6. I have no facebook either ... I borrowed my wife's account for this one.
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