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  1. Highly doubt the belt has anything to do with it, if your "charged", or, over battery rest, the alt is really not even doing anything, charge wise, hense, belt slip wouldnt be a concern. Id be a bit more worried why the voltage fluctuates when you rev it. Again, i highly doubt your pulling much of a amperage load, to make the belt "slip". Have you spoke to mechman? Those elites are pretty damn bomb proof from what ive seen though.
  2. Thats dope. I was one of the first, to get the OG IMSG, and over the years, of builds, and competitng, used the hell out of it. It still works fine to this day. Good shit man.
  3. Damn bro,... packing that joint. Good stuff man. (holla when you need space, and wanna unload the honda,... lol, love that lil rig) Keep on, keepin on bro.
  4. @SnowDrifter  Hey boss, check our dm's buddy... sloppy kisses. KB


  5. Looks like its doing what its suppose to now mate. I dont see anything weird.
  6. Acetone, or some rubbing alchohol. Meh, just a decent clean will do you fine. That shit sticks like no other.
  7. ^^^^ Home boy above is on it. Your winding/coil is fucked. Meter it. See what it reads. Then, recone it.
  8. RIP CES alts. Bone head move imho. 

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    2. kalilac619


      I agree!! For the longest I thought he WAS CES ...but I run Singer so double meh 😘

    3. Soccerballzs


      He put his 2 week notice in they asked him to leave.  Employers right.  He will get 2 weeks unemployment.  

    4. WalledSonic


      CES's primary business is electric motor repair, which brings in 10x the revenue that the alternators do.  CES will be just fine without Jon.  Jon's gonna start his own company apparently next week.  I cant believe he did what he did at CES for only $70k/yr.  Thats crazy; totally not enough for the epic CS he offered.  I'd message their business page in the middle of the night (not his personal DM), and he would jump in and reply at like 3am.  He took the time to explain the difference between the 3 phase motors I'm accustomed to and the 6 phase alts that we all enjoy.  Definitely some of the best CS in audio.  Yes, a few companies (Mike, Dan, etc) make alts as good as CES/Jon, but none offer his level of CS.


  9. Bummer. I'd call damore engineering. no doubt. I'm sure tony will make.it right.
  10. Pics?? Never heard of a amp dyno having any issues, but if it does, I'm sure Tony will make it right. First time I've ever heard of a amp dyno having any issue.
  11. Awesome. Cheers and welcome.
  12. Lol. Cry closet. Dig it. your demo rig looks rad, from what I've been able to see. I wish I could get to Kfest. If you or Juan find time, put some pics of your rig in your section mate,.. I'm sure many would like to see it, and read up on it. Enjoy, and be safe yo. KB
  13. Yo, Foreigner Dolls. Go fuck yourself... 

  14. Audio Control doin some neat ish. With more and more people keeping their OEM head unit/source, this product is a god send. Most, LOC's I've seen, and tested on my dd1 showed noise/distortion with the potentiometer all the way down. Just shitty, dirty signal. This unit, with all its capable of, AND doing it clean,... is rad. Good on AC hitting the market with product people want and need.
  15. ^^^^^ that... I hate using deck power to run anything. Get a small dedicated amp for the mids a d highs. One of the best upgrades you, or anyone can do mate. Deck power blows.
  16. Bummer to hear about the Ford Steve. God people can sure be shitty.... head up boss.

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