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  1. Fuck, that's cool mate. And, again, me being me, I absolutely LOVE the blue. I'm always in the minority, as most love red,.. but dude, that blue. Fuck yes, especially popping on those D'Amore boards. Fuck yes. So choice.
  2. D'Amore 4 chan showed up. Got some Satori's, from Madison sounds on the way, with SB tweets comin also. Guess I'll get to work soon. Cheers all.
  3. Well see. I ordered another one. 4 chan this time. Tony also said, his T series boards could be ready for release/sale, around March. So thats dope.
  4. I saw Tony D, post up some new "clean class D" boards. Even he, admits, class D, ... is meh at best, but, he took measures (filtering) others dont. Also, the price, is amazing. I sanged some.... anyone else? Mine is out for delivery , as i type. I want to use 2 of his "clean D" boards, on my mids and tweets, in my 4runner install. Got some second skin, to toss on the doors, thinking about some Satori mids, with some nice tweets..... Anyone else score a TD board??? I will post a pic or two, when they arrive.. Cheers, happy holidays, and all that shit to all.
  5. Cheers. Yerp, just kinda lost the "fun" with audio. Sold the blazer, and the TSX, and even sold the 2 time champion (Psyclone) burban. Just started becoming no fun, and more like a job. But, i do want to tinker with the 4 runner. Just some mids and tweets, MAYBE some low end,.. dunno. Anywho, for the amount i was on this site,..... I came back to see whats going down, and realize, i dont know any one, like i use to. I dont see any of my old buddys. That said, i do hope all are well. Happy holidays, and sloppy kisses.
  6. Hey, Been a bit.... where is my old OG peeps. Whats everyone been up to.... good, bad, the other... Cheers, and hope all are well. KB
  7. Weird,.. I measure, and stick the biggest fucking cell I can get in. I got a d3100 in a stock Acura (yes, up front) I look at space, not their guide line, and stick the biggest fucking thing I can wedge in.
  8. Welcome to the forum bro. That said, maybe look at the time, posts where made. This shit is 10 years old. Before a few call you out for "bumping" a old as fuck thread,.... im here to just tell you,.. look at thread dates. Cheers.
  9. Also, .. like getting my mic back in the day (way back in the day) for my audio system,... i got a shot timer, soooo i can feel really really shitty about my speed, and accuracy. Good times... Cant wait to feel like shit....
  10. Shot about 1100 rounds today, getting my newer dots in. Im a huge trijy guy, and love my rmr's, but been hearing about these holosun 508t pieces, so i got 2. One green, one red. One, on a Scalarworks mount, one, on my older (i fucking love it) trijy mount, again, both, QD. I have to admit, these holosun pieces are fucking legit, but, time will tell on how long they actually last. They come with a DOT, 32moa circle, or, Dot with Cirlcle, and, solar for battery life. Pretty neat. Also, cheaper, yes, but the T in 508T, means titanium, sooooooo... lets see how long the electrical parts hold. My RMR's have been fucking bullet proof. I even had issues with my Leupold DPP, the rmrs, nothing. They just fucking work. All my "plastic" pieces
  11. Highly doubt the belt has anything to do with it, if your "charged", or, over battery rest, the alt is really not even doing anything, charge wise, hense, belt slip wouldnt be a concern. Id be a bit more worried why the voltage fluctuates when you rev it. Again, i highly doubt your pulling much of a amperage load, to make the belt "slip". Have you spoke to mechman? Those elites are pretty damn bomb proof from what ive seen though.
  12. Thats dope. I was one of the first, to get the OG IMSG, and over the years, of builds, and competitng, used the hell out of it. It still works fine to this day. Good shit man.
  13. 1k rounds down, on the holosun 508t. So far, im digging it. The trijy rmrs, have a better auto adjust, no doubt, but this little thing, is super dope. The 32moa ring only is super cool. Helps my old lady find the "dot" quick,,.. the dot and ring, is neat, and the single dot, is super crisp, and the glass is hella nice. Holosun, coming in hot, at a sick price.
  14. Trijy guy, but had to see. Holosun 508t Still not sure what to try it on. Same footprint of the rmr, so im able to toss in on a few pieces. My grey evo is probably the choice tho.
  15. Damn bro,... packing that joint. Good stuff man. (holla when you need space, and wanna unload the honda,... lol, love that lil rig) Keep on, keepin on bro.
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