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April 2011 SOTM Vote - Sponsored by Mechman

April 2011 SOTM Vote  

250 members have voted

  1. 1. April 2011 SOTM Vote

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Place your April SOTM nominee here. Remember post pics, vids and of coarse a link to the build. Dont forget to check out the


For this month, Mechman has agreed to build one of their killer high-output alternators for the winner! So here’s the deal – win SOTM this month and get a 200 amp (minimum) high-output alternator for your vehicle. Now you can’t expect Matt to perform miracles, so if you drive some oddball vehicle with some crazy small alternator and metric belts and you have been looking for an alternator for it forever, you may want to sit this month out.

The only caveat this month – in order to be eligible to win, your build can’t already have a high-output alternator. There are plenty of SMD members that need an alt – so this month is for them!

One last thing. The alt if for the winning vehicle. Not for a different vehicle.


It looks like we made it past 30 contestants so guess what.....

2nd place gets $100 credit towards any above partners and 3rd place will get $50 credit! All you have to do is let Chode or Snafu know which partner you would like to purchase from and we can take care of it from there. The only acception would be a product that is dealer only, or not available for online purchase.

anyway, once again i would like to thank you ALL for participating! Great systems too, even the smaller ones! :drinks:

Now let’s see those nominations!

1. Chodette69

2. MrSkippyJ

3. dunkoholic


5. CJ18

6. dereileak

7. Cablguy184

8. bcpballer64

9. pknubsalday

10. roger1978

11. SQMonte

12. xXRaMpOwNaGeXx

13. TylerO

14. thericanballer

15. gcs8

16. f0zter

17. PowerHouse407

18. dcsnorider

19. StreetSlappah

20. JosephSmallwood

21. 831Arevalo

22. corey0928

23. JeremyN

24. lascivious

25. baaudio

26. onelivinlarge

27. Delinquincy

28. Valhalla

29. Stephen_og

30. Kobieblu

31. CGienapp1

32. Phatboiondiet

33. Lumpydonut

34. lombo352

35. deeje

36. duff_thrust

37. Hotdog

38. stickan

39. ufwzydesigns

40. Freshman6969

41. ChevyBoy95

42. Mrop

43. bdubii

44. Swaggasaur

45. JeremyN


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Vote for the Cablguy !!! My "White Lighting" needs this !!!





Thank you all very much !!! Randal ...

Edited by Cablguy184

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