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Simple but BEAST Status - New Gaming PC Build 2016 - Core i7 6850k - GTX 1080ti (x2) SLI - 7680x1440 - M.2 SSD - 8TB (UPDATE: Upgraded cards to Ti's) Page 5

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Hell yea, been waiting for this day. A friend just got the same CPU, same GPU's, and MOBO, and I am jealous, since i cheaped out and went with a 28 lane CPU instead of the 40 lane, and a single 1080, lol.

Using Firestrike he got 17k+ don't remember exactly and I am think you got some better thing here and there so yea, that build is insane!!! Heading to work so can't watch the video yet but I am looking forward to how you like the new one in direct comparison to the old one.

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Holy shit man! I love seeing your PC builds as much as your audio builds.

Have you had any issues with the G27 wheel?

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