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  1. yea, looks like a m1 lvl 5. If you could measure slug diameter meter and height, we would give you a 100% sure answer.
  2. No, it is not the same thing. You would actually need more amperage to create the 6k @ .5 than it would to do it at 1 ohm due to efficiency loss at .5.
  3. might want to post a link in the first post. looks dope, probably will order a pair.
  4. it has been posted here before, but thanks, had completely forgot about it, and now im going to pour bleach in my eyes.
  5. Doom is pretty awesome so far, 2 stages in, some good secrets, any orignal doom fans will approve.

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    2. strangeduck


      i watched cohhcarnage play today, game looks sick as F

    3. Nealon14


      Got it yesterday I'm only level 4 now... love it so far the pace is nice.

    4. ChevyBoy95


      Ive almost beaten it, game gets better and better. Plus you can make/play player created maps, along with multiplayer which I still havent tried.

  6. Et tu, Brute? What are you going to accomplish by emailing rockford? He's not sponsored, so they can't drop him. He doesn't get deals, so thay can't be revoked. He owns all of his equipment, so they can't take it back. He's a paying customer and all you're doing is wasting some poor service rep's time. Did it ever occur to you that blocking you was a way to end your drama? But like a stray dog you feed once, you keep coming back for more Like seriously, not to mention, in the grand scheme of things... does it really matter? The fact that someone would take time out of their day to "tattle tale" on someone... childish ass shit, I thought adults knew how to turn the other cheek.
  7. I guess Ill just reiterate. 1. Yes 2. The belt size in most cases wont change even with the smaller pulley 3. No, you should not see any extra wear on the belt from it being a H/O alt 4. Generally no, but that depends on the engine and draw (You do loose hp under load, but generally not enough to notice)
  8. Well, with you having the potential to pull about 300-350a of current or so, with a stock alternator that may only be 80a (with about 40a going to accessories of the vehicle), you have probably enough reserve to stay in the 13's IF you had a 250a or so alternator to back it. "It takes power to make power."
  9. Yea, I personally buy the old X12's and just use the 20 dollar adapter (since the X12's are USB powered). The headsets that pull power from the controller drain your batteries fast. Been using the same set for years without a single issue, gonna buy a couple sets in case something happens in the future.
  10. My truck has sat for 2 months and still reads over 12.8v resting. edit: sounds like both of yall have a parasitic draw of some kind.
  11. That is what I thought, as far as audio brands, there pricing is very competitive.
  12. sometimes there are reasons why things dont exist... like a vespa with 1000hp
  13. why do you want a 4" coil on a 12? Plenty of monster 12's with a 3" coil that dominate.
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