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  1. cleaning out the garage and storage room/shop this weekend ... trying ro get things set up so i can start on the ole Ford next weekend.

    1. White Lightning

      White Lightning

      The 93 Ford Flare Side that is ...

  2. kinda aggrivated ... looking around for install ideas and can't find a feasable location for the passive crossovers ...

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    2. White Lightning

      White Lightning

      Miguel's ... I've always used passive setups. No need to time align separately since the midranges and tweeters measure out the same distance.

  3. someone broke into the work yard last night and stole a shit ton of my personal tools out of the wrecker. fucking worthless thieves ...

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    2. Soccerballzs


      Meth or Herion money!

    3. Jessica


      cant stand thieves

    4. aculous


      thats really fucked up. sorry to hear that.

  4. hitting up the junk yard for parts.

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    2. jcarter1885


      Those are fun days, hope you get what you need.

    3. Miguels


      are they 1/2 off on rainy days? our are and its rain season

    4. White Lightning

      White Lightning

      Thanks bro ...

      Thank you. Finding alot of hard to find small things ...

      These are "way back in the woods" yards ... everything is on sale if you can find what you need ... LOL

  5. Well, With a new battery, starter, plugs, wires, alternator, and wiring upgrade ... this ole Ford 460 is starting to "come to life" so to speak !!!

    1. OrionStang


      SeaFoam and vid!!

    2. audiofanaticz


      still a ford rip chevy :"( lol

  6. ok, time for the in laws, cousins, all to leave so I can get back to work.

  7. I will have me a 93 Ford F150 Flairside Saturday.

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    2. White Lightning

      White Lightning

      Nothing competition ...

      More of a Sport Truck with a clean system. Similar to my son's set up but with my Linear Power equipment.

    3. Miguels


      linear power? i saw that coming from miles away

    4. White Lightning

      White Lightning

      That's all I got bro. Small footprints that put out clean and strong power.

      Less weight added to this machine ... the better.

  8. fucking truck broke down on me again ...

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    2. Hotdog


      at 400,000 you got your moneys worth out of it.

    3. audiofanaticz


      cool a little under half way there then! LOL

    4. White Lightning

      White Lightning

      You should be seeing a new thread on a 93 Ford Flairside with a 460 comming soon.

      Nothing competition, but alot of fun !!!

  9. well, I thought my truck had nice midbass all these years ...

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    2. Carnines


      Did you finish the kicks?

    3. DTS909
    4. White Lightning

      White Lightning

      My truck.

      Tuning my 10s in the kicks ...

      No, mainly aiming the drivers ...

      Part of the glassing is done ...

      Company phone, no way to shoot a vid.

  10. Finally work has started on White Lightning's kicks. I hate fiberglass work, but there will be 10" midbass in there soon. whatever it takes !!!

  11. Wish I knew what happened to my old Marantz (think I spelled that correctly) system. Can't remember what drivers it had ... I think 12s ???
  12. I use to love watching those Orions go up in smoke back in the day ... But make no mistake ... I watch 2 of those on 8 15s put up some hellatious numbers on the Flashdance format ... They definitely don't make them like they use to ...
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