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  1. Also Ive been trying out a couple Chrome plugins, this allows dead picture links to become working again. There is also one for Firefox. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/photobucket-embedded-imag/ogipgokcopooepeipngiikdkpmcpkaon?hl=en-US Now what has me curious is if we can take the code from the browser plugin and integrate it into the forums so no one needs a browser plugin and old build logs will just work again... What this plug in does is it allows you to see the pics that photobucket has blocked due to 3rd party hosting. So like this buildlog that @Kyblack76 had posted which is now dead without out paying $400, is now alive again!
  2. Imgur works fine, you need to copy the direct link to the photo as with any hosting site. imageshack.us is another good site, as well as you can upload direct to the site if you reduce the photo size to the sites requirement for the free user or become a supporting member. Photobucket stopped allowing 3rd party hosting as of last year, unless you pay $400 per year for their premium account. So they screwed everyone that has posted any pictures on any forums in the past. Which is why their site is a shit show full of ads and popups due to forcing their current users to another platform including the paying users that had no issue paying the $35 bucks a year that now need to pay $8.99 per month just to remove ads..... It is literately shitbucket now... like 10 different ads that cover your entire screen with audio once you disable adblocker, then once you close all the ads you get another popup telling you to upgrade your account...
  3. No one is saying you are asking for something for free, I am just assuring you go through the steps to guarantee it is something with the meter and not that one specific install/gear because if you send it out to be repaired it may take a few weeks until you get it back. It would be even worse to send in a perfectly working meter be without it for a while only to get it back finally and you realize something else was the issue. Just am trying to narrow down the possible issue as much as possible and troubleshoot. I know first hand the mass majority of hi/low converters will show distortion on the dd-1 as soon as you turn the volume up 1 notch, sometimes the volume can be all the way at 0 and the majority of those converters are showing distortion. I actually made a video thats like 17 minutes long testing a few different converters and a prototype SMD converter that never made it to market so I removed the video from youtube. You can email Tony at: [email protected] You can email Juan at: [email protected] I would probably email both because one may respond faster than the other with warranty instructions.
  4. If your aftermarket radio is putting out a distorted signal before the lc2, then it will be no change in testing after the lc2. Testing using the rca plug on a system that you already are not sure of is doing no good. You need to test it on something that you know is good, dont matter if its your bass amp in another vehicle or not, if the meter is broke then it wouldnt work, if its good then it wouuld work and then you would know the issue is the other vehicle. Hell you can plug the dd-1 leads into a home receiver speaker outputs and test it that way. A lot of new vehicles have crazy processing and preset crossovers you cant do nothing about. For all you know that dash speakers may crossed over by the factory above 1khz and thats why you cant get a 1khz light. Wouldn't be the first time, wont be the last. As for trying to get the 40hz light to come on while hooked up to the dash speakers its not going to happen because again the dash speakers are internally crossed over to not play below a certain frequency to prevent distortion and sounding like shit. This is the way the automotive industry has been doing it for a long time and why your best way about adding additional amplification to a vehicle is by using some sort of processor and tap off each and every speaker to give the processor a full frequency bandwidth that it can sum together. Gone are the days of running a hi/low converter and getting a full bandwidth signal from 1 speaker.
  5. I have one of the first 4 DD-1s made, it has nothing to do with its age. If you never replaced the battery you should do that. I change mine on all my smd tools every 6-8 months to be sure they are good. If you have it laying around in your truck, the actual harness for the dd-1 could have been damaged. I would try it using rca cables running from an aftermarket radio and if its fine with that then its something with your stock radio or the processing its doing so I would try a different output on it.
  6. Its not that bad of a job, and a real mechanic would know that. I dreaded having to do it on my old Cadillac due to how hard I heard it was until I actually did it. Took me something like a hour job to do it, and if I had to do it again I could do it in less time now knowing everything that I have to remove to gain access.
  7. Finally sold out on DD-1s, feels awesome! Now if anyone needs any VM-1s or OM-1s, fuse holders, speaker terminals hit me up!


  8. Drake the type of wigga to use rollerblades..... Floyd Mayweather needs to teach dude whats up!
  9. I was trying to find that pic that was posted a few days ago that said if California was a person or whatever... Maybe it was facebook I seen it since I couldnt find it here. Because if thats the case I will happily take my 3 tooth demon eye female.. LOL
  10. Had to mage the pic pg quick. Was a fun night, and a great photo shoot!
  11. I took a pic like this with red and black knu wire years ago, except it was around a chicks neck that was only wearing panties.
  12. Duck isnt banned that Im aware of, but I have hammered him for some racist shit. Shrek moved to Thailand or something to live out his fantasies...
  13. All I did that time was unfriended him of facebook for posting dreams on my page. he went loopy!
  14. Both are done. Odd I didnt see the other one until now. Sorry
  15. Id be asking her to see her way out my door.... If she is constantly lying who knows what else she holding back from you, like banging your best friend when your at work or some other similar situation.
  16. Most likely not for a little while. It was just back in stock and they had 5 left a couple days ago. Most likely all gone now
  17. All the time as a kid living at home.. I used paper towel rolls usually though because you could pack more in. Amazing how well it works!
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