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  1. Got to love the adult life lol just paid the gas, water, electric bills, 2 student loans, credit card and the truck payment and insurance is next. The plus side, i should be able to order the new subs for the ranger towards the end of the month ?

    1. ToNasty


      Wait until you buy a house and the wife wants a new vehicle 

    2. Kyblack76


      Was doing that at 16,..   and paying get rent. 

    3. Soundfreezer79


      Bills are hot and heavy right now. As soon as I wrapped up hunting season, got hit with property tax.  Now car insurance wants their pound of flesh and I'm putting a third truck on the policy.  And the cold weather is jacking my electrical.

  2. My 2 year old juicebox g31 has been sitting in my garage for over 3 months now and just checked it and it's resting 12.96v. pretty good imo i threw the battery tender on it for good measure earlier though.
  3. Picking up my new 16 F150 on Friday!! I'm so excited. I'll finally have a tow pig for the bass truck lol since it's got 224k on it

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    2. boom50cal


      ecoboost don't fuck around lol. XLT F150 with an EB is still like $15k cheaper than a similar optioned diesel

    3. dangaranga


      Yea its a pretty well loaded Ecoboost sport 4x4 with the tow packages. It'll do fine for towing a ranger once a year lol approx 7500lbs for the ranger and trailer, it'd be fine with the basic tow package. F250 isn't practical because i gotta drive 70-80mi a day for work lol

    4. dangaranga


      Oh and with the new alu body, it can tow up to 12k lbs..... Which i'd never do with a half ton lol but the built in trailer brakes and trailer sway control is pretty cool. And on the test drive, it had no problems breaking the tires loose from a 25 roll which surprised the hell out of me

  4. Having lunch with decaf himself tomorrow. Excited to finally meet him and hopefully give him some demos:)

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    2. bsneon98


      We need our decaf fix!

    3. rocking.that.eclipse


      Kris is awesome. I hang out with him every time I see him at a show.

  5. I've been here since July 5th 2011. It's been an interesting trip and have learned a lot and met some great people
  6. Any bassheads near the Cincinnati/Mason area? I'll be down there all next week after slam, and it gets pretty boring down there

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    2. frogcase2002


      Cool I will .im running 2 zcon 18s on 5k right now

    3. Soccerballzs


      MECA screwed alot of people on SQL at Finals.

  7. Finally done with my 4 years of college. I'm so fucking pumped. Start work in two weeks then the system will be seeing some major upgrades in the power department ;)

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    2. OrionStang


      Smart move having a job lined up.

    3. dangaranga


      Thanks guys, this is more of a career position than a job and has been in the works since December. And I've interned at the company a couple times and loved every minute of it. I'm really lucky to be in this position. I don't regret going off to school straight out of HS for even a second

    4. Broke_Audio_Addict
  8. Nothin like me and Pioneerforlife getting the cops called and ruining our fun lol

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    2. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      You must be staying the whole time

    3. rocking.that.eclipse


      Absolutly. If you wanted to meet up at some point I can shoot you my phone number or if you PM me here it'll go to my phone...

    4. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      Cool. I'll hit you when I decide what day I'm going. Im 90% sure it's gonna be saturday

  9. Does anybody have a phone number to reach Fi? I haven't heard anything about my recones in weeks

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    2. Amart88


      I'm in the same boat

    3. DubNDodge


      I got a reply from them within 24 hours. Of course it was about purchasing, and not an issue with their product

  10. The amount of idiots on social media never ceases to amaze me. Lol Damn

  11. Well Soundqubed moved quick with fixing the shifted motor on the sub, damn thing was already delivered yesterday. thats like a week and a half from me shipping it out and it being delivered back. No if i could only get these damn things sold

  12. The keyboard warriors are hilarious over on the book of faces. This is an awesome piece of technology, I have a buddy with a single cab pickup that these could do wonders for. I'll have to show him. are these capped as far as input power? like would an aftermarket headunit cause overheating or will the excess power passthrough? My bad if that's a newbish question
  13. Seems like college is a pain in the ass at every step. The school raised tuition over winter break out of nowhere and the loans were already setup for the previous cost. Thought i was gonna have to use my recone money to pay the tuition, was super pissed but have it sorted out after some phone calls..... Thank god because i need bass in ny life again lol

  14. To add to the shit show that is my day, the motor shifted on one of the hdc4 18's that were getting bought locally tomorrow

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    2. dangaranga


      Dude I swear to god I'm never running sq again. I already have some fully loaded sp4 18's lined up

    3. Kyblack76


      You'll shit a Twinkie seeing the diff in build quality.

    4. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      no more metal slapping noises, lol

  15. To add to the shit show that is my day, the motor shifted on one of the hdc4 18's that were getting bought locally tomorrow

  16. Nothing like waiting to do you drug screening and having an old crack head lady trying to talk to you about smoking weed lol welcome to the Detroit area

    1. ToNasty


      Why not hit the pipe with her?

  17. Hallisy and vandercook will be gone 2017. They took out Helen ferris this past summer. I'm so ready to graduate and get the hell out of this place lol
  18. Stuck at school for finals week results in seeing what I can tear apart lol
  19. So much drama in the audio world this past week..... I literally cant even

    1. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      hold his dick any more.... J/K, lol

    2. dangaranga


      only dick I'll be holding is mine ;)

  20. Depends on how big we are talking, When I see a 6x tag we aren't talking chunky, we're talking fluffy. You mean like the 5 stages of fluffy?
  21. This is crazy, if it is who i think it is, thats crazy something like this happened
  22. Looks like the walls changing for the better in the spring ;p

  23. My 2 juicebox agms sit at 13 installed in the truck for a few days then 12.9 for weeks. And they are about a year old. I have had them on a charger only a handful of times over the summer because of #stockalt life at the time. From what ive seen 12.8-13 is about normal
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