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July 2015 REVERSE SOTM - Sponsored by - Sundown Audio - Enter to win 2 SA-12s and an SCV-1500D

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AHOY!!!! Summer is here, and how boring is it to be in the heat and not have a bumpin' system while heading to the beach, bar or local fun spot? Well REVERSE SOTM is here to change that. This month is set up for those who DON'T have a stereo system in their car, but want one.

Here's the deal. You HAVE to take a pic of YOU (the member) next to the car that has NO stereo (I.E, subs and amp) that you will be putting the stereo into. The car does not have to be yours, but it has to be the car the stereo will be going into. The car can you yours, your mom's, pop's, girlfriend, uncle's, side chick...whoever. As long has the vehicle has no stereo and the install will be going into it.

Sound like fun? We think so.

Here's how it goes down.

1. ANYONE can enter as long as you can meet the terms above about installing into the car with no stereo.
2. Any previous SOTM Winner is eligible.
3. New members welcome.
4. No tearing out your stereo just to enter (that's cheating)
5. Take a pic of your empty trunk/hatch/cargo area.
6. Take a pic of you next to said car that will be entering.
7. Steve will be doing a drawing for the winner on the last day of the month.
8. If we get 50 or more entries, Steve will add $200 towards ANY forum partner products to help complete your new "system".

So...what's the prize you ask!!!

Well....Sundown Audio has stepped up and is putting up 2 SA-12s and an SCV-1500D to power them!!!



Pretty badass prize....well it gets even better. If we get 50 or more entries Steve will throw in and extra $200 credit to any SMD Partner. That $200 can be used towards wires, HU, processor, sound deadener, you name it.

Who's excited for this???

Now let's see some entries!!!!

1. splizaat
2. NickKnowles
3. sideshow_kustom
4. Aaron Tuck TBA
5. Expoman97
7. Aaron Hunter
8. mrclm
9. Burbanrunner
10. ethan_leonardo
11. WesH12
12. jwebb209
13. cizzo19
14. REVOofRustler
15. LetThatBassDrop
16. Dorien Hardy

17. Chip Hilliker
18. brendanthekid
19. VelosterTurbo808

20. William Paris
21. andrezzz923
22. devestator_x
23. Orbitstrider
24. baron_of_bass
25. Tarball

26. Manny8873

27. Mr DeeBeez

28. Awhitewookie

29. DaJuice

30. Desiel21

31. Chasity Smith

32. juan777

33. Moreno93

34. Elizabeth Martinez

35. marsrover

36. eith77

37. Brandon15zzz

38. JeremyN

39. BBAnonymous

40. Ajr2069

41. dfarres

42. A Salaam Alaikum

43. DomesticStripez07

44. la_01ninja

45. BRP_Audio

46. Cesar1808

47. Daniel Sparky

48. Jacksonstevej

49. KiKaZz74

50. Do-LowHrzHurts

51. aornelas

52. Hikove

53. MotorCityFats13

54. One Way

55. 757lmj

56. bigmizzle99

57. cdfyrt123

58. Nparker00

59. Greasy22

60. Areole

61. Basshead89

62. alex912005

63. Slagathor

64. MichelleSherman

65. TheKiaMonster

66. CrazyCricket12

67. Myst_erious

68. FlexDaddyTroy

69. infamous209

70. carfreak1024

71. Bass-Adict925

72. TigoBling

73. BigBird707

74. Noel989

75. fyerbyrd22

76. Cody HeroModz Smith

77. Lillard

78. Stephen Dunnington

79. bolanorthhighlands

80. Sorrydogg

81. nvarnes

82. MzGerry951

83. Booboohayes

84. Dusty Cox

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Bad ass prizes!

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^^ Are afternarket headunits okay? I'd like to try & win for my sister! But she has a kenwood headunit

I think you're good, it's just if you lack a sub stage from how I interpret it

"If you have NO stereo (I.E. Sub and amp)"

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OH YEAH!!!! Nice!

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Figured so. but i'd assume a mids/highs amp would disqualify aswell. Should be all good for her though!

True. Clarification on mids/highs setup would be nice for those who have that but no sub stage

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guys...he means no STEREO SYSTEM.

If you have a deck whether aftermarket or stock, that is fine. Even a pair of aftermarket mids/highs is fine. This contest is for those that don't have any amps, crossovers, subwoofers etc...but mild upgrades shouldn't be a problem.

good luck! lets get those noms in! Post your nomination picture HERE or you won't get on the list. That's the only way Nick will know to put you in the contest. No pic, no entry. Thanks!

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Guys, i just added in a #8 to his list.

if we get 50 Entries, i will add $200 bucks to the pot to help whoever wins complete his system! You might be a deck short, you might be a pair of highs short....put the extra $$$ towards it!

lets get this cracking!! please share on FB, Twitter, Instagram, anywhere you can!

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