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Project Flexington: 160.3db @ 37hz!! Parallel 6th order walk through, DC Neo Elite 18s, 4 DC 5.0ks, JY Lithium, 12 banks of XS Caps

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the_garynator    542

Sorry I haven't updated in the last couple days, mostly been demoing and dialing in the system. I'll post more details soon, but a summary is that I got the 10s in, 2 tweeters in, turned the amp up and clamped it. 23hz, 3hz below tuning so it's about the most power I'll see and the least rise is rising to 6ohm per channel and 2400w per channel. Subs were moving only about half of xmax. So the 149.8 at 28hz was probably on around 3000w lolol

But anyway, the main reason I'm posting is I got ballsy today and decided to try sub 20hz tones....let's just say it was post worthy.

The subs actually move probably close to xmax, there is actually a bit of Port velocity from the large port (almost none until low 20hz, even at 20hz it was barely any)...and when I closed the door to see how it sounded sealed up, the flex was absolutely knarly! Video doesn't do it justice, was moving probably 1.5-2" total:

And the craziest part is it sounded clean...no port chuffing or anything, just a pure 15hz with the cabin screaming for dear life. Can't wait to get everything reinforced and actually put some sound deadener in this thing!!!

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kalilac619    410

Love it!.....finally got my series 6th dialed in pretty good...gonna try 1 more front port before calling it done...redid my back and moved some amps around...currently have a sundown scv 2k in and still did a 149.1 sealed on the dash and a 151.2 at 26hz window down...when I throw the 8.0 TFE back in should pull a mid-upper 50 anywhere between 20hz-50hz

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the_garynator    542

Thanks guys!!! Results so far are pretty promising

That looks like it hurts lol

I wish, unfortunately at such a low frequency it's not painful, just destroys shit lol. She's a bit painful in the higher frequencies but I'm not pushing enough power in the pass band right now because of box rise to get really loud.

So due to the box rise being so high I'll need different coils to get power outta the warhorse. I don't plan on keeping the x15s and am planning on going DC Audio level 6 18s, so instead of waiting until next year when I rebuild I'm just going to buy them this year. Going to do some clamping in the passband but I'm fairly certain I'll need dual .7ohm coils wired to .35 per channel to combat rise. At the 6x rise in clamped at 23hz, .35 would be 2.1 per channel.

I'm fairly certain that I won't see anything lower than 6x rise in the pass band, but I want to be sure. I am also not sure how the rise will change going to level 6 18s. Luckily my good friend who has been helping out with assemblyou happens to have 2 18" level 6 m3s with .7 ohm in his wall. So he's going to let me toss them in for a week or 2 to do some testing. This way I don't have to take the chance of getting the wrong coils, what a nice guy, right?

Can't wait to play with the new m4s level 6s, my old m3 was nuts, so the added throw and lower fs of the m4s have me pretty excited!

The wall won't be ideal for the 18s, hence why I'm rebuilding next year, but tuning the rear port a bit higher should give me enough extra volume to make it work. It's nice that dc subs love small enclosures too!

I also have a DC Audio 175.4 on the way that will power the 10" woofers a bit better. Gotta say Rusty really knows how to take care of his customers, it blows me away that he is still as customer focused now as he was in DCs early days. Can't say enough good things about DC and can't wait to have their equipment in my build again!

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the_garynator    542

Just realized I haven’t updated this thread in forever.  Haven’t got a lot farther with the audio portion of the build due to a setback I encountered near the end of fall.  The transmission ended up going out so I pulled the engine and upgraded it.  I’ll post updates to get the thread current soon.


I do have big news on the system side of things though.  I preordered the new subs for this coming season last week.  I had initially planned on going with the new DC Audio M4 Level 6 18s but as some of you may have seen, Rusty recently announced a new subwoofer was in the works.  After a couple of weeks of consideration, I ended up following the go big or go home philosophy and pulled the trigger.


Of course, the subs I’m talking about are the new DC Audio 4” coil Neos!![\b]  I ordered 2 18s and following the same go big or go home route, I also decided to get the Carbon Fiber cone and dust cap upgrades too!  Pre-order deposit has been made and I should be receiving them in a few months.  I’m extremely excited to be one of the first to get a set and see what they can do!  In the meantime I will be tearing down the current wall and rebuilding it to accommodate them.  I would just swap baffles but due to a design oversight while building the boxes for the 10s / loading wall, I’m currently limited in the amount of port area for the front high tuned chamber and have to tear most of the box out to change it due to a design decision I made while building it.


Stay tuned for updates as I will be posting quite a bit to get this thread caught up.   Also, please comment and let me know what you think!

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tboorn    367

looks awesome, im ready to see some big boy subs on lots of power haha

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       I have 3 orion HCCA 152 woofers that im running on some off brand 3500 watt amps.  I wanna go with one solid amp to run all 3 at a 1.33 ohm. this is a daily driver 2003 trailblazer but I want it to hump.  the woofer are rated at 2500rms/5000peak, I currently have 5 d3100's in the back, 1 redtop in the front that I want to change out but need to find a battery that will fit due to the dual alt bracket that holds a 240 mechman and a 370 mechman.  out of these 3 amps, which one would you recommend I run on those 3 woofers with my current setup.  thanks for any assistance you can give me.
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      I’ve designed an isobaric 6th order series tuned bandpass enclosure for my wife’s car.  I want to build a series 6th for experience and for science. 
      I have a firm grasp of the ins and outs of WinISD, but I am new to BB6.  So I started with measured values from my ported design with (4) 15’s, which I have dialed into WinISD and is pretty accurate.  Then I modeled the same box in BB6 to see the variation between the two programs and measured values.  That gives me a baseline ‘feel’ for BB6.
      Can someone check my design?  I plan to test and modify the design to optimize the performance, and then I’d like to funnel that real data back into BB6 so I can really get a better feel for the 6th order designs in BB6.
      Here’s what I’ve come up with so far… This got me the most area under the curve but also a decent low end response:
      Low port (for the design shown above) is 6”H x 3”W x 33.3”L, with 2 flared ends
      High port (for the design shown above) is 8”H x 3”W x 8.4”L, with 2 flared ends
      Goal was to keep port velocities under 30 m/s, cone excursion within limits, and boost the low end response without getting a severe dip between the two port tunings.  I really couldn’t bring the high tuned amplitude response down, maybe I need to widen the bandwidth?  Figured widening the bandwidth would cause an undesirable dip in the middle. 
      Here’s the real measured TS parameters (via IM-SG) for the well-broken-in pair of Pioneer TS-W3003D4’s:
      Dual voice coil, wired in PARALLEL (for measurements below) and both subs wired parallel to the amp.
      Re (parallel, each sub) = 1.6ohm
      Fs = 31.4 Hz
      Vas = 2.822 cu ft
      Qms = 3.706
      Qes = 0.494
      Qts = 0.436
      Mms = 126.9 g
      Cms = 0.203 mm/N
      Dia = 10.2”
      Sd = 81.7 sq in
      Xmax = 14mm one way
      I’d like to set the tuning for the low side at 31ish Hz and tuning on the high side at 63ish Hz.  The subsonic filter setting will be determined via testing after the box is built and tuned to its final state.
      I have about 5 cubic feet total to play with for this isobaric series 6th setup.  I can toy with the final XYZ dimensions, I’m mainly looking for a solid set of values for volumes and port areas & lengths (if the ones I calculated in BB6 are not suffice).  Rectangular ports are preferred but I can do aeroports or kerfed circular port if that’s a better route.  I am competent with woodwork.
      I’ll be starting a build log for this box design and its installation.  Planning to include a lot of measured data (IM-SG and AMM-1).  Really stoked for this build.
      Thank you in advance!

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      Selling my Singer 240 amp hairpin alternator. only installed for about 2 months, owned for around 6 months. Should fit most 2.0/2.5 Subaru motors, it's coming off my '04 impreza wagon. Asking 400 shipped obo

    • By WalledSonic
      The purpose of this thread is to evaluate and discuss the internal resistance of various batteries and (possibly?) test methods.
      I’ll start this off by using the DC Load method to test some XS AGM, some K2 73Ah cells, and some K2/JYP 80Ah cells.  The DC load method was used because that’s all the equipment that I had available or was able to purchase quickly and on the cheap.  Here’s a link for more information on Load Test Methods.
      Calculation used was Rint = ((Vrest/Vload) -1) x Rload)
      Rint = internal resistance
      Vrest = Voltage at rest
      Vload = Voltage once load is applied
      Rload = resistance of the load resistor
      Now onto some pictures of the setup.  If there is something amiss please chime in so we can figure it out.
      1ohm load resistors (although they test out at 0.9ohm)

      I connected them in series on one end, and I can change the resistance by simply connecting my jumper wire differently. I have the opportunity to connect at 0.45ohm, 0.9ohm, and 1.8ohm.  Here's proof of half(ish) ohm, although I didnt use this low of a resistance for data collection:

      So this connection would be 1.8ohm

      This connection would be 0.9ohm

      Here's the 73Ah K2 cells (not JY collaboration batteries)

      The day before testing, I topped off all the batteries, including the JYP's in the back and the AGMs to the right. 

      24 hours later, I actually took measurements.

      Data for the lithiums:

      Data for the D3400R AGM

      Looking forward to some comments, suggestions, etc.  Thanks for looking!
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