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First ever SMD member of the year VOTING!

SMD Member of the year 2018!  

31 members have voted

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  1. 1. Vote for who you think was the most helpful member of 2018!

    • Phillip Klocko
    • Joe X
    • Triticum Agricolam
    • WalledSonic
    • Kyblack76
    • SnowDrifter
    • corey0928

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Voting has started, who will be our first ever Member of the Year?

For 2018, SMD would like to recognize the members who have made our community so great with our first ever SMD Member of the Year vote!  Feel free to nominate the member or members that have helped you the most.  But don’t just nominate them – tell the world how they’ve helped you.  Here’s your chance to brag on them, their skills, and their contributions.  Show us pictures of what you’ve been able to accomplish with their assistance.  Share how they’re influenced or inspired you.  Or, maybe they lent you a hand when you needed it the most.  Tell us!


Three of our key partners – Mechman, XS Power, and CE Auto Electric Supply have stepped up to offer the winner a complete charging system upgrade!!! 


The winner will receive a Mechman alternatior (up to a $399 value)!



A XS Power 1000-1500 watt install kit and battery combo!
xs power.jpg


A CE Auto Electric big 3 upgrade kit!

ce auto elelctric.jpg



Voting has started, who will be our first ever Member of the Year?


01 - Phillip Klocko

02 - Joe X

03 - Triticum Agricolam

04 - WalledSonic

05 - Kyblack76

06 - SnowDrifter
07 - 



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1 hour ago, PhuckL7s said:

Personally, I think it would be blasphemous for anyone other than JoeX to be the first MotY winner. Countless incredible box designs, free of charge, to whoever might ask. Goes out of his way to help anyone, no matter their skill level. Just my 2c. 

Did you nominate him 

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I'd like to nominate @Triticum Agricolam @Joe X and @WalledSonic

Triticum for his amazing help with not only my coffee table sub build from last year but for him answering any enclosure questions i toss his way even when I'm just spit balling.   The definition of invaluable.

The coffee table:



My computer sub:



Joe X for his constant and consistent enclosure designs that he whips up for almost anyone who asks for help.  I'm sure he's the reason a lot of n00bs join, just in the hopes that he drops a box design in reply to their one and only thread. He personally came up with the wall design I'll eventually use.


The design:


Walled because of the stellar help he gave me with lithium batteries and trying to find an economic solution.  His brain is huge and is talent is vast.  Truly a 5 star man.

The battery I use because of him (that, working my 270a singer, keeps my voltage from dropping below 13.9 with 3k at full tilt):


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Trig or Joe.....just flip a coin and end this contest now! ?

2010 Accord Sedan

XS D3400R

Clarion HU

Sundown mids and highs

Incriminator amps

Incriminator Lethal Injection 12"

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