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  1. How does the 4800 fit on comparison to the oem battery? Xs doesnt make an exact size for the k2 gm full size vehicles amd i need one for my 16 silverado
  2. How did you get past thr chime and bluetooth issues when installing highs amps in thr 14-18 silverado/sierras?
  3. I might have missed it but what headers and muffler are you running? It doesn't seem loud which is what I want on my 16. And here in the bay area cops are assholes. I'm just trying to find a setup that's not to loud
  4. Hes thinking of the 07 and under trucks. Diesels used to twist the shit out of the tie rods and snap. And yes launching in 4wd especially in a heavy escalade would actually make it easier on the drivetrain
  5. I'm working on my 2016 regular cab Silverado. Essentially the same thing as your escalade (you know what I mean) people underestimate the hell out of these vehicles.
  6. People don't know shit about these k2 vehicles 14-18 gm truck suvs meaning ron36. The rear axles are a 12b 9 5/8 ring gear. Shit ain't gonna break. As for the 8l90e trans you have. The only thing you can really do to them right now is billet internals and a higher stall. Which I wouldn't do until it breaks. I'l give it to gm for these vehicles. They did a great job making everything bigger unlike the older models. Drive it like you stole it till it breaks. Then fix what breaks. But until then. Enjoy it
  7. I didn't know he was banned. I haven' been here in a long time though tbis is orionstang (ken)?
  8. I use the n word but not with a hard r. Only around certain people because everyone and their mother says it. It's not what you say. It' how you say it
  9. Steve are you able to do the black and white sticker okn a 4800 if I buy it from you? I hate the blue and my 2016 Silverado is white. I' picky about that stuff
  10. Did you take a ook at the dude with the pillar pods I tagged you in? I'm ordering mine as soon as I find the gauge I want. I' trying to find an all in 1 gauge
  11. Where you homos been?

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    2. ToNasty


      Every other forum I'm oi add pictures through tapatalk. But tapatalk can't seem to find this forum.  I tried flikr.  But I'm not good with technology so I couldn't figure it out 

    3. ToNasty


      Not sure if you have Instagram but my truck is there 

    4. 8ten8


      For posting photos here, I went with   vgy.me   It wasn't difficult and the photos arnt automatically public. 

  12. I just wanna go fast

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    2. Kyblack76


      Your already there, plus some arent you ??????




      EDIT- fuck, i thought it said "i just wanna get fat" ... my bad yo....

    3. Keith77


      Bahahahah @ Kyle...


      But hell yes on the go fast parts 

  13. d Shots old. But has me still rolling. I can't stop laughing https://www.instagram.com/p/BOnAhIRgWMw/
  14. L86 intake manifold, Tony mamo ported throttle body and a tune for starters ?

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    2. ToNasty


      I'll get.caight when I have to smog it  and remember I live In California 

    3. Broke_Audio_Addict


       you just gotta know a guy that does smog testing and likes cash..........

    4. ToNasty


      Those are very scarce here now. And they do the obd scan now. No probe 

  15. I was swinging some figure 8s earlier and getting 30mpg on the way home. that's all I know about tbat
  16. Never ever. Only good dodge is a sterling which I have as work trucks other then that I will never own a Dodge again
  17. 10 more days of therapy and I'm out.  

  18. The moment I think I have everything for my truck and then I see something else that's cool that I don't need https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SSUXXzN26zg
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