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  1. Corvette 1-2, Again.

    1. _paralyzed_


      Another 100 yards and position 1 and 2 would have switched. It was close!

  2. Sideways rain. WTF

    1. Jessica


      We been through every kind of rain there is. Little bitty stingin’ rain … and big ol’ fat rain. Rain that flew in sideways. And sometimes rain even seemed to come straight up from underneath

  3. One of the Ford Gt's is already out of contention, barely 20 minutes in at the 24hours of Daytona.

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    2. Kyblack76


      where you watching this?

      i have direct... chan if you have it please

    3. OrionStang


      Im on cable. Its on FS2 right now.

    4. OrionStang


      Delta wing is kicking ass.

      Its designed and built by Panoz, just an FYI.

  4. The NFL is so fucking pussified. Defenseless receiver my ass. Most helmet-to-helmet hits are because the receiver ducks, yet the penalty is defensive.

    1. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      You talking about the Keo hit right?That was bullshit. That was a tackle and if it's a penalty they might as well play flag

    2. n8ball2013


      I've been saying this.

    3. OrionStang




      Me too, just had to vent after that play LOL.

  5. Fuck, I don't even know what to do. Maybe jerk off? Then make some toast?
  6. RIP Grandma S. You will be missed.

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    2. Soccerballzs


      Condolences Orion. Keep your head up!

    3. DTS909


      Sorry about your gradma

  7. $2700 estimate, and that's NOT a full repaint.

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    2. Miguels


      insurance claim.. it only cost $500

    3. diegoclass2010


      what miguel said.. i bet the insurance would go after the car wash insurance :)

    4. OrionStang


      I bet they wouldn't.

  8. Chance for a great day; if the Pat's and Pack both lose.

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    2. audiofanaticz


      Oh well they lost. At least they made it to the playoffs every year and fans dont jump ship when their team loses like raider and 49er fans too.

    3. audiolamb6
    4. DTS909
  9. ESPNs "Outside the Lines" is really reaching. Covering amphetamine use among video-gamers. Must have run out of race/gender based stories. For now.

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    2. OrionStang


      LMFAO "Thug Life", yeah he's on something.

      That guy was pretty big, and showed alot of restraint. I don't think I would have let the "dick in your mouth" comment go LOL

    3. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      Lol! Dude deserved it though. All that shit he was talking.

    4. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      I might've acted like I was gonna hit him when he said that dick shit though, lol. Just to scare him a little.

  10. Is it just me, or is Photobucket getting worse. Slow uploads, failed uploads, freezing my 'puter.

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    2. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      I thought it was just my shit

    3. Kyblack76


      I pay for PB. But about the last year, its ran like poop. I may jump over to image shack

    4. Lbox88


      Yeah I paid for PB for one year and that's it. Imgur for me for now.

  11. Really couldn't ask for a better Championship Game.

  12. Hoping for a Minnesota upset.

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    2. mcfalcon
    3. OrionStang


      It up to Cam and the Panthers now.

    4. hoit


      seattle squeezes through! lol...next stop, North Carolina!

  13. Got asked to join a Powerball pool last minute. Fuck it, around 200 entries in the pot, whats $4?

  14. Just when you think things are turning for the better.....

    1. tyma1026


      There's always something. I just bought a few new amps and now my wheel bearing's squeaking. I need new inner and outer tie rods also. :(

    2. boom50cal


      keep your head up ken, most definitely time for a relocation.

    3. DTS909
  15. Might be too late to invest. Who knows. From the sounds of it, I think they want as few hands as possible in the pot.
  16. Catching up on Workaholics, great show.

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    2. KillaCam


      I'd love to be about that life.

    3. Kyblack76


      The boss chick is funny as fuck to.

    4. OrionStang


      Oh hell yeah, love her sarcasm. Id dick her down.

      2 more Season 5 episodes to go. 6 starts next week.

  17. Officially under my pre-work injury weight. Being sick for over a week helps LOL.

  18. Thats a lucky dude. Cute gf comes on SMD to get designing a box for him.

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    2. ROLEXrifleman


      Probably just a smart dude who knows if he poses as a cute chick all the leg humpers will do the legwork without complaining

    3. magillaru


      ^my exact thoughts lol

    4. Miguels


      Just like barbie girl who won system ot the month then never came back. Probably won for her vato

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